Friday, June 8, 2012

No more wait

My heart had searched for long
My soul was with it all through
I knew what I wanted
I asked the High Deity every day

I did not despair
though I found not my fairly
I kept on believing 
I was certain time would play

All the signs were there
My wait had finally paid off
My heart is now at rest
My prayers not resting yet

I shall continue with the dedication
Benediction if need be
Hesitation is no longer mine
I have found my Gift

Friday, May 11, 2012

The reason

Most of the time we have no reason as to why we live how we do. Somebody asking the why question?????? The lack of reason gives us one perfect answer, why not!.Life is a bit a vivid image. Trying to get its explanation no matter how we look at it has no eventuality. Fathoming it just proves futile.

Thursday, September 1, 2011


As I sat on my desk my mind wandered as I wondered what the lecturer was trying to say. More humanities... I wanted to listen to them no more. The unit was Philosophical Anthropology. I knew not the definition nor what to expect. I was certain though that i wanted not to be a philosopher. Or may be I lacked the interest. I waited in earnest for the lecture to commence. I skimmed through the slide...short new names they were. Ens to represent being and a being having both manner of being and act of being. That was Greek. It felt like trying to understand a higher being. The lecturer made everything so simple. But he was right about one thing; we couldn't decipher much from his notes if we did not attend his class. What makes a being???..Accidents and Substances. More in the next class.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

This Feeling

Growing stronger that my will
momentarily thinking of you
Wanting to know how you are
This feeling is chocking me

I want to tell it to the skies
I want to shout my feelings
my only way now is a whisper
Hoping never to whimper
As this feeling chocks me

How long before i say it?
How long before you ask of me?
I will patiently wait
in earnest my enthusiasm not shrivel

My heart pounds when you are close
My mind wanders when you are away
When I almost say it words lack
You are so near yet far

Will time tell it all?
Will our worlds converge?
Will this feeling actualize?
That I may tell all heavens.
How long shall it be?
This feeling is chocking me

Monday, March 21, 2011

When I took my pen to write again

I don't know yet ..what had become of me. It was the 21st day of the twelfth week of the new year . Many hours turned into weeks had gone by. I had not taken a pen to scribble down my thoughts . Was it lack of ideas? Could it be I wasn't talented like I had imagined? Was all my source of inspiration gone? Had my well of thoughts gone dry? I searched within. Writing had always been like a measles itch. I had to always put it down. Looking deeper within me I got the answer. I had grab my pen and write again or this space would be gone and I would long be forgotten. So much was happening in Africa and even around me. Much more was in the offing. I thought of my talent. Would actually bury them in the soil...six feet under until I was laid there myself? I find peace within me when I jot it down. I make you smile when I jot it all down. You see and remember the advise put forth when it is inscribed. Complexities are expressed in their very simplicities when jotted down. Reasons like this got me to act fast. The ink of my pen is full. I will take my pen and enrapture you.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

My lovely sunshine

Your rays, brighten my days
your warmth, renews my heart
your ways, put a smile on my face
your words,how I long to see you soon

How I love to bask in your glory sunshine
How I long to be eternally there
how fulfilling your presence is
No matter how far apart we are
your words, how I long to see you again

Hold me forever in your embrace
Keep me forever close to you
Cheer me always at dawn and dusk
Write me a letter daily
your words, how I long to see you again

can we bask in this glory forever?
can we delight in our cheer everyday?
can this go on and on, endlessly?
tell me my sunshine
your words, how I long to see you again

Monday, November 8, 2010

The crumbled cookie.........

A dark Grey sky loomed
A rainbow in the horizon
Mixed emotions
Confused expectations
I wait for an impression
Eagerly from their expression
I can’t fathom
Of the aftermath
The worst occurrence is nigh
A lurid reality in the offing
They join the jobless
Renderers very senseless
Their accounts now penniless
Their problems endless
Smile though at the rainbow
The coin has three sides
The end of one
Origins another
A transition in between
The crumbling of the cookie
Makes it not less ambrosial